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Story Prompt #12

You spent years training and building your own personal memory palace. You know where everything is organized and places in your mind. One day while wandering around you come into a new section where you find memories and information that you don’t recognize. You start to suspect that there is someone squatting and storing their stuff in your mind.

Artistry And Coffee

Story Prompt #11

You hear a ringing in your ear, in the past it has come and gone. This time is different, it is getting louder and more persistent. After consulting a doctor, they reassure you that everything is normal and that it is almost time for you to wake up…

Artistry and Coffee

Story Prompt #10

While Renovating your new home, you uncover a secret ladder/stairs behind a false wall that lead deep below the ground. At the bottom is a thick metal door with large locking bolts securely locked. As you reach the door, it starts to unlock and as it opens light floods out and a disembodied voice starts welcoming you inside…

Artistry and Coffee