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Christmas Traditions

Challenge Day 24:

These are exceptionally important and are as varied across the world as you could possibly expect, but at the heart of all of them is the importance to recognize the connection that we have to our fellow humans. To acknowledge how grateful we are for the blessings that we have and that as the year is coming to a close that we are prepared for what comes next.

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Christmas Movie Marathons

Challenge Day 23:

While my wife definitely prefers the vast array of lifetime movies that exist in any of the streaming services catalogs, we can both agree on many of the more classical Christmas movies that are available to us these days, well maybe Die Hard is still under contention.

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Those Pesky Elves

Challenge Day 22:

It has been 16 years since that pesky elf made his debut in 2004, and while this was not one of my childhood traditions I expect it will be for our Daughter. I have seen some amazing creativity in the images that people have captured of the Elf on the Shelf and some of them are true works of art. What takes a lot of creativity is getting the elf in places and situations that you would not expect and see how the little ones react to his various shenanigans. I was surprised to find that in addition to several more elves joining his merry cohort, was that they have a full line of accessories that can be used to help set the stage of the scenes that are presented to young eyes.

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Christmas Artwork

Challenge Day 21:

When you think of your idyllic scene during the holidays, what images does that invoke, can you describe it in detail? Can you sketch it out using work or pen? It is easy to get creative inspiration from a season as steeped into the culture as this one, so i am curious to know how people would be capturing those ideas, for the more traditional visual art inclined audiences.

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Gift Wrapping Creativity

Challenge Day 20:

It is so common to just see store bought wrapping paper adorning all gifts, and for most people that is perfectly acceptable. With having additional time these days, spending a little extra making each gift a little more personalized and can even become a fun family activity to get the kids involved in some craft projects. Coming up with wrapping creations that can bring an extra bit of happiness to your family and friends is definitely time well spent.

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Story Prompt #5

Twins born on Christmas get a special gift each year, on Christmas eve they switch bodies for 24 hours, getting to experience the world and lives of each other for one day each year, hear their thoughts, understand their feelings. What would you do if you exchanged places with your sibling once a year?

Artistry and Coffee

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Christmas Decorations

Challenge Day 18:

⁠Christmas Decorations…⁠ One of the greatest ways to get into the holiday spirit, and it really helps to get others into the spirit as well. Driving around and seeing all of the Christmas lights displays that people have been putting up has helped when we aren’t able to socialize or see the decorations up in our everyday lives.

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Christmas Treats

Challenge Day 16:

For Day 9, I discussed making gingerbread houses with your family, this is different and just as delicious. There are many traditional and amazing treats that all family members can enjoy and/or be a part in helping to create them.

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