The World of Illium
The World of Illium

In a land populated by myths and legends, humankind was the anomaly, now as they carve out their place in this world they must deal with the realities of living amongst beings that they have always feared. As tension across the lands starts to rise, truths are being rediscovered and the once-abandoned city will become the light of hope for all.

They had nowhere else to go, these strange humans that just appeared out of the aether, unsure of what else to do with them the council of races settled the group into the City of Ruins, Illium. Now, many years later the burgeoning human nation is starting to thrive, the city has been rebuilt and the wheels of fate are moving once again.

Come and explore the world of Illium!

The Hunter Guild’s Mission Reports

Tales from one of the most notable in the profession, giving you a glimpse into the events happening around Illium.