Gift Wrapping Creativity

Gift Wrapping Creativity

Challenge Day 20:

It is so common to just see store bought wrapping paper adorning all gifts, and for most people that is perfectly acceptable. With having additional time these days, spending a little extra making each gift a little more personalized and can even become a fun family activity to get the kids involved in some craft projects. Coming up with wrapping creations that can bring an extra bit of happiness to your family and friends is definitely time well spent.

This does NOT take a lot of effort and can be quite fun. So let’s jump right in shall we. Starting simply, one of the easiest things to do is to print off some Christmas themed silhouettes, then using them as a template cut out shapes from other patterns of wrapping paper or solid colors, then paste them over the existing wrapping paper that you have already used. It is also possible to get the same effect in cutting shapes out of other materials, like washi or colored duct tape. Layering on other materials, like cloth or satin are also flourishes you may want to explore. There are many DIY decorations guides for gift wrapping out there, so very easy to search google for some inspiration or the all lamented Pinterest trap if you are feeling brave enough.

Another alternative is to use plain wrapping paper and jazz it up with some paint, personal artwork or messages, especially if you have some lettering or calligraphy talent. Markers or crayons are very useful for this activity, even younger children can have a field day marking up the wrapping paper. This is especially great for gifts for the grandparents or close family members. Stickers are also useful in this area, getting a variety pack from Michael’s or some other craft shop would be helpful in this.

For the truly fancy, you can go all out with little flairs, like tiny ornaments, paper or faux flowers. If you happened to save some trimmings from your Christmas decorations, like garlands or tree trimmings, you can also incorporate natural elements onto the wrapping paper design.

Essentially the more fun and creativity that you can bring to the effort the better the results will be, and for the person recieving the gift will appreciate it all the more.

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