Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Challenge Day 24:

These are exceptionally important and are as varied across the world as you could possibly expect, but at the heart of all of them is the importance to recognize the connection that we have to our fellow humans. To acknowledge how grateful we are for the blessings that we have and that as the year is coming to a close that we are prepared for what comes next.

This holiday season, celebrate with gratitude and appreciation for those around you, we are all struggling this year compared to others and be kind to one another, we have no concept what is going on in each others lives and the pressure that others are under.

My family will try to attend a remote Christmas service provided by our church, sit down and read the Christmas Stories to each other before preparing for Santa’s arrival. We will also be opting for remote celebrations with our extended families over Zoom or other virtual meeting services in respect of keeping everyone safe during the current Covid situation that we are in.

To all of you out there, Merry Christmas and may you be blessed in all that you do!

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