Creating this particular project is purely something that will be done to entertain my daughter, while that is the main goal, using it also to sharpen and improve my skills is an added benefit. Starting from concept sketches all the way through the final video series, we will document the process around this creative effort. Since we are also basing these work on “The Little Slowflake” by Igloo Books, you can find the book on Amazon.

Little Snowflake

Adding our series of concept sketches, for me I try to always start them as silhouettes and then start bringing the concept to life from there. A little digital magic and we will have our baseline models to start prepping for the animation work and efforts. Once we have the initial renders and wires created, we will move towards working on the storyboards, scenery, and pulling the storylines together.

Find out more on this step of the process described on this post.

Storyboarding Process

Starting the storyboarding process is really starting the journey to creating the finished video projects, this fun and enjoyable step really lets you get the creative juices flowing so that you can map out the ideas that you will shape into the final composition. While these first versions are always rough, they are essential.

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