Exploring Christmas Past

Exploring Christmas Past

Challenge Day 6:

Scents of Pine boughs, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, these sensory ghosts tease you nose as you walk down these elegant halls. The calmness of playing hide and seek through endless rooms and having a meal in the grand dining hall are just some of the images invoked when I visit the Biltmore Estate at Christmas.

The tree lights winking at you from around every bend, hinting at more wonders for the senses to be explored. Have you ever imagined yourself, sitting in the parlor, writing letters of correspondence, or coming in to warm yourself by the many fireplaces after an invigorating horse ride through the surrounding fields?

Many dreams were inspired by childhood trips to the Biltmore House, helping to influence a young imagination on the possibilities that are out there. Especially at Christmas time, I have found my mind drifting to what it would like to spend a holiday with one’s close relatives in such a setting. What would be different about the interactions, the conversations, the traditions that would make everyone gather round.

Many arrive to enjoy the splendor of the decorations and visual appeal that is presented, well everywhere, i enjoy the stories that i start to conjure up in regards to the everyday happenings around the house, the mischief of children, the interactions between adult members of the family, the staff stories from the back halls and hidden places.

From the moment you drive through the gates at the Biltmore Estate, you can’t help but feel that everything is geared to a slower way of life. For anyone that has ever visited during the holidays, it is especially magical. Seeing the many rooms all decorated to celebrate the season is impactful to all ages, and is an experience that I would always recommend.

Of all of the rooms, I honestly can say that I am drawn to the library every time, regardless of what else there is to do and see. It is very close to what I have always dreamed of having in a personal library, two stories of books span all around the room, with a large central fireplace and windows facing out onto pristine mountain views, there are many that would agree that it is one of the best rooms that you can experience without being able to claim it for your own. While the library holds a special place in my heart, the rest of the house is a collection of artistry that can be enjoyed time and time again without ever losing its appeal.

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