Meditate and Reflect

Meditate and Reflect

We are over half way and while I am sipping on some wonderful coffee contemplating the next set of creative activities that I have planned for my family. I realized that this is one of those very moments. This holiday season, it is especially critical, that you take a moment, pause and reflect on the year so far and all that you have accomplished. Set goals for what the next year may bring and appreciate what you have and those around you.

Now when I mention meditation and reflection I am not expressing a desire to go full zen mode on you, but rather taking the time to look back on your path this year, hopefully somewhere quiet so that you can focus on the activity. Just marvel at all that you had to deal with, the challenges that needed to be overcome, the wonderful moments and triumphs to be celebrated and the moments that you should strive to never repeat. People always expect to start the New Year with a new set of Goals that may or may not be realistic, that is not what I am asking you to do. That will come later on, but for just a little bit, appreciate the journey you have taken so far and let that give you perspective on the road ahead.

“You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.”

C.S. Lewis

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